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I specialize in facilitating difficult conversations.  I utilize a process tool called “How to have a Difficult Conversation” to facilitate conversations between family members, mothers & daughters, divorcing parents, and angry couples.


I have a lot of respect for the emotion anger, a howl of deep pain.  Anger gets a bad rap and when anger is suppressed, not heard, anger can turn to rage and violence.   I see anger as a cry for connection, a cry to be heard; the evidence of heartache.  I like to honor the emotion anger and allow anger to be a part of our normal range of emotions.  I like to hear what anger has to say. 


I am a trained Family Systems Therapist.  I have experience working with couples and families in therapy as parts of a system. There are immediate family systems, multi-generational family systems, chosen family systems, friend groups, culture systems, religious systems, and many more. 


The systems we grew up in and currently live in influence the meaning we make of our lives.   Systems have rules, allies, allegiances, taboos, outliers, outcasts, rebels, sacrifice, and loyalty, to name a few. Often times what we need the most is a change in the system, how we view the system, or how we interact with the system. I like to work to understand the systems you live in.  I like to work with as many of the system members you are willing to bring into the therapy.

Family Therapy

Mothers & Daughters

Do you wonder if you will have to give up on ever having a loving or healthy relationship?

Is there something you really want to talk about, but you are afraid it will hurt too much?


Divorcing Parents

Are you having trouble having productive conversations about your parenting plan, your kids school, or extracurricular activities?

Is it hard to keep the lines of communication open and consistent with each other?


Angry Couples

Do you find yourself fighting all the time?

Are there things you want to talk about, but you are afraid it will just be another argument?


If you are grappling with any of the above questions or need help having difficult conversations you have come to the right place.

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