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How I Work

My approach is collaborative, creative, and direct with a sense of humor. I collaborate with clients to address, for example, disappointment, self-confidence, repeating old patterns, anger, and conflict in relationships.


With creativity, I balence the systemic health of your heart, body, mind, and soul. I acknowledge strengths and weaknesses as gifts to address the haunting messages of your life and ask you to dream big.  I collaborate with clients to build skills such as coming to appreciate the present moment, letting go of rigid expectations, being open to and looking for the unintended outcomes.


I believe laughter and humor are creative game changers, a bright candle in our darkest hour. I believe life is messy. We all have wounds that are in need of healing. I believe fear is a liar, and that all too often, we are paralyzed by the unknown. 


Our wounds hold us back. Healing is a journey of self-exploration, a journey to find what haunts or holds you down, to find your dreams and fantasies. I believe if we are held in loving collaborative relationships, we can heal, take risks, acknowledge pain, laugh, imagine, and move towards the opportunity to lead a meaningful life.

Colleague Testimonials 

Anthony Branch, MA, LMHCA

As a colleague of Angela for more than 2 years, I can truly say that she captures the rarest of gifts that I want in a professional therapist and friend: The gifts that combine the heart and the head. Angela has become a "go-to" person for me when I'm seeking an opinion that honors the practical side of daily life without forgetting the enormous challenges of the heart. Angela's unique style, loyalty, and sense of justice is her contribution to a world that is often lacking in all three. These qualities will serve her clients beautifully. 



Timi Fair, MA, LMHC

I am also a psychotherapist and a colleague of Angela's. I met Angela at a meeting of the Seattle Counselors Association and was immediately drawn to her light, compassion, and sense of humor. I was seeking a female therapist to co-facilitate a Women's Trauma Recovery group, and Angela seemed to be a good candidate. I am so happy I asked her to collaborate with me. When our clients come to us because they want to do more work on trauma recovery, they are often nervous and reluctant because they do not yet know us and because trauma work can be very difficult. I have consistently witnessed Angela put our group interviewees at ease and demonstrate an understanding that allows our clients to breathe a sigh of relief. Angela builds optimism in uneasy clients about doing challenging work. Additionally, I confidently make client referrals to Angela for family counseling because of the breadth of her insight about family systems and her passion for this type of work. I find Angela to be a well-rounded therapist and trust that she helps her clients reach their therapy goals.



Nancy Haver, MA, LMHCA

I worked with Angela at Seattle Counseling Service, and was also a classmate of hers at Saybrook University. Angela showed grace and empathy for her clients, and took her learning seriously. Angela continues to be a mentor to me, and I cherish this association. Angela is a wonderful, warm, caring and smart therapist. I recommend her highly.






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